Clearing a space in a crowded sector.

2G had been on a journey starting from residential roots to becoming pretty darn good at commercial design and build projects. But that journey had put them right in the middle of a sector that is alive with activity – and competition. You can’t throw a swatch book without hitting the front door of an interior design or build practice.

We ran a workshop to uncover what 2G thought of themselves – as individuals and a business – and performed a competitor audit. It quickly became clear that in a sector where everyone had a me-too offering, a distinctive positioning for 2G was going to be much more effective than trying to differentiate them. We could see that there was actually something special about Catherine, Nick and the team. They talked about championing women in the food industry, leading a change towards sustainable and ethical material sourcing and even opening a multi-use space designed and built by them. Visually, their work spoke for itself but behind it there was a family tight unit of passionate individuals that cared enough to truly make a difference – seeing projects through to completion and beyond.

After building a brand framework we developed a creative positioning platform – ‘We Make Spaces’. This was then brought to life through a simplified visual identity and tone-of-voice overhaul. Their website was rebuilt from scratch, with Catherine and Nick up-front and centre. Portraiture of the entire team was taken – because everyone matters, from the top down. Project pages were loaded with hotspots detailing the insight behind design and build decisions. Every element was considered to highlight the people that make 2G. More than beautiful design and considered build – each 2G project contains a little bit of them.


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