New website for Experts in Fresh, MWW

For 60 years, Minor, Weir & Willis (MWW) Ltd has been brightening up Britain’s plates with some of the world’s most delicious fresh fruit, vegetable and salad, making even the most exotic lines available for everyone.

Following our work rebranding MWW, one of the UK’s leading fresh produce businesses, Big Cat’s digital team embarked on updating their website. The new branding was designed to reflect both the product range and global reach of the business.

This contemporary mark was complemented with a distinctive san serif font, colour ways that reflect the businesses ‘all year round’ and seasonal operations together projects their corporate yet energetic tone.

The challenge

MWW is a b2b brand whose stakeholders span UK supermarkets to farms and producers from 40 countries ranging small family farms, large multinational producers to FairTrade and organic growers.

The brief for the website was amplify the fresh new brand, improve MWW’s reputation in the fresh produce category and have a deeper conversations with key stakeholders.


We employed our strategic PROWL process to ensure the website was focused on marketing goals and the MWW brand strategy.

The first step on all our digital projects is research using the 4C’s model: customer, category, company and culture to give us a comprehensive view of the project in context.

We built on our work on the rebrand to create an exciting UI that took cues from the guidelines but built out the brand design assets.

We used Figma to develop and visualise the UI Concept and Information Architecture (IA). Our clients find this approach much more helpful and inspirational than a site map alone. It also allows the digital team to try innovative UX prior to the development phase.

We developed the website using the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS), including mapping API and CRM system. Umbraco is our CMS of choice mainly because it is easier for clients to manage post launch. We also love it because we can design beautiful and Search Engine Optimised (SEO) websites with high levels of security and scalability.

We found page speed was consistently higher on our Umbraco websites since plugins are fully integrated, page code is more streamline, and you haven’t got the constant need to fix errors and update plugins.

This was the perfect solution for MWW, whose business is growing rapidly, and website will need to be continually developed to reflect the company’s dynamic culture.


The site has received rave reviews from staff, growers and customers.

The performance of the new site is very high. Domain authority is a very respectable 30 and traffic is already pushing above 1500 per month.

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