Turning Up the National Heats for a Local Leisure Brand.


At Big Cat we love all things health and fitness marketing: whether its running, lifting, yoga-ing, and supporting the health and fitness industry in general. So when Action Pact asked us to get involved in their corporate fitness competition we squat-jumped at the chance.


Ah Summer. A season of sunshine, ice-cream and… exercise?! Well, you can’t blame us, 2020 has been a strange year, and with a slight crack of light shining through the tunnel towards easing lockdown measures, some of us decided to commit to our health and wellbeing. In doing so, we spoke with a local fitness community, Action Pact, whose recent disruption to their City Champs event (a corporate fitness competition) at the BodyPower Expo 2020 had been put on hold due to the impacts of Covid-19. Plus, with Action Pact’s intention to grow on a national scale, they needed help in expanding their business and establishing themselves as THE fitness community in Birmingham.

Turning Instinct into Action

With our learnings on the behavioural science cognitive bias of social proof (i.e. an innate trust in others’ beliefs, such that, if a group you relate to are interested in something, you too will become intrigued) we began to create original copy every week promoting Summer Heats, whilst engaging Action Pact’s audience through calls to action, tagging companies and individuals to take part in challenges and getting quotes from winners on the weekly scoreboard. 

But, we took this social proof bias a step further. We reached out to local businesses, journalists and personal trainers who shared our social media content, widening the reach of Action Pact’s impact. We have also initiated the “Action Pact of the Week”: an initiative encouraging the fitness community to challenge their friends to a fitness pact, complete it with a picture on their story and donate to LoveBrum before challenging someone else. This initiative continues to build and is trending in the corporate world! 

Big Cat is never afraid to turn up the heat for our clients!


6.2% Social Media Audience

growth in just one month

45.7% Engagements


1,119% Engagement rate

per impression was up

£500 was raised

for LoveBrum during Summer Heats and rising with Action Pacts of the Week

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