Helping a British lingerie brand click through a crisis.


Cast your mind back to April, you’re sat at home, watching the news and you’ve just learned that we’re going into a national lockdown. Our client Royce Lingerie once relied heavily on their high street stockists to hit sales targets, but now those shops were going to be closed until further notice. With more people forced to shop online than ever before, we set out to get the Royce brand in front of customers using pay-per-click advertising.

Turning instinct into action

To start with, we took a look at Royce’s customer base to find out who they are and what their buying habits were. We knew home-comfort was going to be popular while the country was told to stay at home, so we decided to focus on Royce’s best-selling sitting-at-home-in-your-PJs bra, Charlotte. Crafting up ad copy and setting our bids, a winning strategy was pieced together that would be as supportive to Royce as their Charlotte bra is to customers. 

Having turned their business around during difficult times, Royce are now strutting into the latter half of the year with a massive 7:1 return on ad spend.


Since launching the ads back in April, we’ve seen an 18% increase in conversion rate, resulting in a 127% uplift in overall revenue. Royce’s cost-per-acquisition has also been reduced by 49% since the beginning of this year, allowing them to continue working on future projects that build up their brand.


7:1 ROAS

Since launching the ads back in April.

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