A Fitting Message to Spread to Over 180 Million.


Let’s face it, 2020 has been a challenge for all of us but none more so than those facing traumatic, life-threatening illnesses. Royce Lingerie (a national lingerie brand producing beautifully-comfortable, wire-free bras) and Future Dreams (a national breast cancer charity) approached Big Cat with a mission. 

This mission was to help spread the word to as many people as possible that wearing the correct post-surgery bra following breast cancer treatment was key to active recovery. 

We found this mission to be close to the hearts of many of our team and as such, were determined to help raise awareness.

Turning Instinct into Action

We know that sometimes you have to break out of comfort zones (even past the level of Royce’s ultra-comfy Joely bra) to capture attention in a saturated market. To do so, we created a captivating story that included hard-hitting stats and quotes from experts within the field. 

But at the heart of this campaign, were the people. The ladies who have experienced personal, rollercoaster journeys with breast cancer and who have been helped by the formidable work of Royce Lingerie and Future Dreams. That’s why we supported our main release with personal stories from these brave women, to help spread awareness in a well-fitting manner.

However, a great story is only half the battle – before it gets into a publication, the message needs to capture journalists’ attention. To get this project off the ground, we sought out every national, regional and women’s publication covering matters of health and lifestyle to create an exhaustive list of contacts who would truly care about Royce Lingerie and Future Dream’s campaign.

We used our PR and behavioural science knowledge to apply the concept of ‘framing’. Framing is all about how the same piece of information can have a significantly different influence on our behaviour, depending on how it has been presented. To ensure that our story compelled each of the respective recipients to read it, we grouped journalists by publication type and found the angle in the story that would peak each of their curiosities.

Despite a turbulent start in attempting to get coverage among a plethora of charities and related organisations, we sewed our way into the fabric of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

We are immensely proud to say that Royce Lingerie and Future Dream’s important message has been spread internationally, in the likes of OK! Magazine, Daily Mirror and Woman & Home.


25 Pieces

of international coverage

180+ Mil Total reach
1+ Mil Social media reach
+20% New & returning website users

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