6th April 2022

Insight in Action: The latest insight development from Big Cat

No two months are the same and March was no exception. A unique challenge came by our desk - helping with a unique phenomenon: 

The Brief 

Data has found a decrease in booster jab uptake (with majority having had their 1st and 2nd does) in Pakistani communities across East England. 

Help us understand why this is happening and create a bespoke and targeted creative campaign leveraging this insight. 

Our first reactions were: 

  • “Why 1, 2 and not 3?”
  • “There will be many reasons why, not one and therefore one insight will be near impossible” 
  • “We can’t speak to this, we need British Pakistanis to be the lead voice” 
  • “Who can we call?”

After many calls and a lot of dead ends, finally the puzzle pieces started to fit together. 


The Big Realization? 

We’ll never win by answering the question: Why aren’t Pakistanis in the East of England taking the booster jab? It is a complex web with no one-size-fits-all solution. 

We will only win if asking: Why will a booster vaccine improve the lives of Pakistanis in the East of England? Not anyone's lives, but specifically Pakistanis. 


Key Theme

With this question in hand we zagged from researching specifically about booster uptake to looking deeper into Pakistani culture. Talking with Pakistanis across the UK about food, rituals, life back home and everything in between.

One theme kept cropping up: Protection. 

Protecting rituals and tradition, protecting family and protecting their identity. 

And that’s when the lightbulb went on. 

The link between what they are protecting everyday and the vaccines ability to protect you from the harmful effects of COVID-19 worked in perfect harmony. 

That’s when we developed an insight to rally our Pakistani protectors to get themselves and those they love jabbed, again. 



The real protector isn’t just the vaccine, but the Pakistanis who rally their community to get it. 


Proof of Concept


[Luton’s] community spirit
is our immunity strength.

The vaccine’s protection fades over time. Keep yourself, your family and your community protected. Take the COVID-19 booster vaccine.

Art Direction: 

Work with a British Pakistani illustration to create beautiful and vibrant posters inspired by Pakistani bus art. Presenting uplifting imagery paired with an inspirational message.

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