Empowering women to choose comfy bras


The pandemic has been both a threat and an opportunity for our client, Royce Lingerie:


Trade business was down


Increase in DTC business because more people were stuck at home and wanting comfier clothing and underwear. 

When the world opened back up again, the challenge was whether it would affect consumer behaviour. 


Royce relied on paid search ads to drive the highest sales volume across all channels. But paid search advertising has its limits and does little for brand building. Now was the time to position Royce through paid social advertising, showing off product benefits in an interesting way:

  • Get Royce on women’s radar by driving the ‘comfort’ message
  • Shift the perception of Royce being ‘frumpy’ to ‘empowering’
  • Create a movement around ‘all day comfort’
  • Increase sales of the core Royce range over the campaign period catering for the 40-60 market

Turning Instinct Into Action

With much of the workforce at home or staying at home more during the peaks of lockdowns, people were spending more time in leisurewear.

Our insight pointed towards the relief a woman gets when they take their bra off at the end of the day. We flipped this on its head. Women can get this relief all day, every day wearing a Royce bra. It’s about the feeling they get, not about how it looks for others. That brahhhhh! feeling!

Our Strategy

Empower the Royce women to have comfort that lasts all day.

GET: Women who feel disgruntled with uncomfortable bras.

TO:  See Royce as the comfy bra that they can wear all day, every day, without fuss. 

BY:  Using a mix of paid digital media to encourage women to choose Royce and get that ‘All day braaaaah feeling!’

Campaign Performance

Overall, a strong performing paid social campaign, with an impressive blended CTR of 2.21% across all three objectives. To deliver a positive ROAS of 1.58 blended across all three objectives was also impressive and shows the campaign worked incredibly well.

Throughout the campaign, we saw that ads targeting the plus-size audience worked very well, with an overall CTR of 8.99% achieved, which is exceptional!


695k Reach

Across print, digital, broadcast and social platforms

2.21% Average CTR

(across Awareness, Consideration and Conversion objectives)

£12k Sales Generated

(5 weeks)

1.58 Average ROAS

(Conversion ads saw a 5.68 ROAS)

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