Keeping the social embers alight.


The Ember Inns brand is known for their warm, welcoming atmosphere with a fireplace at the heart of every pub, inviting guests to get cosy and comfortable while enjoying a meal or a couple of drinks at their favourite ‘local’.

Social media messaging in the pub and bar industry is competitive and saturated, especially during busy calendar periods like summer and Christmas. Every pub company and independent has something to say to their customers so how could we make Ember Inns cut-through in such a busy space making the brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Turning instinct into action

To capitalise on this brand heritage we instilled a sense of pride among consumers in their ‘local’ pub and built advocacy for the Ember Inns brand by running seasonal campaigns which would enhance experiences both online and offline transporting consumers from digital activity through to ‘in pub’ entertainment.

One highlight was the Gin & Cask Festival. We were able to encourage new and existing customers to enjoy the variety of new gins and cask ales on offer by testing the audience’s knowledge through a series of engaging quizzes and gin v’s cask posts. We added a touch of drama and excitement to the social campaign through motion graphics and animated circus characters, while also teaming up with various breweries and gin distilleries to provide ‘behind the scenes’ content.

Once ‘in pub’ customers could enjoy the festival vibes and enhance their knowledge through a range of POS and a pop-up booklet educating them about the history of the various gin and ales available.

By slicing up the brand content into key seasonal themes we were able to build rational & emotional connections that gave audiences a reason to want to connect through conversations and user-generated content, while also driving them to visit their nearest Ember Inns local.


+55% Instagram Followers

Over 12month period

+7.8% Facebook Followers

Over 12 month period

+146% Community Engagement

Across all social media platforms

+66% Website Visits

Over 12 month period

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