Street food for thought.


The weekly supermarket shop is something that we all undertake mostly on autopilot. A Harvard professor estimates that 95% of purchasing decisions are made by subconscious urges. For those of us who are trying to make steps to buying better welfare meat and dairy products, our emotions can be triggered by simple, yet clever, marketing tactics. Illustrations of rolling hills and leading phrases such as ‘farm fresh’ or ‘all natural’ are used by brands as a way to code information for our super fast-processing, subconscious minds.

There is no regulation around packaging artwork or phrasing so ‘all natural’ could mean virtually anything. ‘Farm’ could mean intensively reared in indoor cages. CIWF had a labelling system solution to this problem and wanted to gain petition signatures to lobby the government for real change. They needed to get the word out but had a restrictive budget for media buying.

Turning instinct into action

After running a workshop with CIWF to really immerse ourselves in the problem, we realised that not many outside of their existing supporters knew about it. It was clear that we needed to put members of our creative and PR teams together to come up with ways we could generate as much noise as possible for CIWF to piggyback and drive petition signatures.

Street art has always been a platform for activism. And with one of the country’s best graffiti scenes in the very same area as a bustling street food event, what better place to put our message out in an unexpected way than Digbeth? Every time a piece of stencil art goes up, it's followed by speculation that street art's santa has come to town. This could play perfectly into our hands.

We brought a Birmingham-born graffiti artist back to his roots and commissioned a thought provoking piece of a pig in a upside down trolley (representing a cage). The speculation sparked on social media and with regional press coverage to boot, it gave CIWF an attentive audience to reveal their campaign message.


28k Social media engagements
£40k Media coverage value
94k Signatures to date

Stop, collaborate and list 'em

Street art was created by, Stewy.

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