Putting some craft into Christmas for Burning Barn Rum

The challenge

During the bustling holiday season of December, Burning Barn Rum, an alcohol brand from the midlands, encountered the significant challenge of differentiating itself to audiences in a saturated market.

We transformed this digital audio challenge into an opportunity by infusing the spirit of craftsmanship into Christmas for Burning Barn Rum, enhancing their brand awareness with creative strategies that truly embodied the creative essence of the brand.

Turning instinct into action

Shunning the conventional digital marketing advertising route of paid social platforms like Meta, where attention spans are notoriously brief, we went all in on a high-attention digital audio channel as part of our marketing strategy. This online advertising medium allowed us to pierce through the holiday noise. Guided by System1’s ‘Listen Up! Emotion’s Defining Role in Audio Advertising Effectiveness,’ we crafted a script and produced an ad that stood out! Check out the principles we followed:

1. Right-brain features

Our audio content creation efforts led to crafting an immersive user experience through our creative audio script, which introduced characters like Dave and our 'Genie' to establish a sense of place in a shop. We wove a creative, captivating story with dramatic intimacy, engaging not just potential buyers but all listeners with a creative touch that enhanced the overall user experience of the audio advertising.

2. Created with the listener in mind

Initiating with a creative strategy, we tapped into an industry insight - the market was brimming with mass-produced flavoured rum and stereotypical brand assets. Our approach, tailored to resonate with the creative industries, made the ad relatable, striking a chord with a wider audience and not just those ready to purchase, positioning Burning Barn Rum as an 'off-beat' brand with effective audio advertising.

3. Be distinctive

With an understanding of category conventions, we playfully disrupted them, injecting humour to distinguish Burning Barn Rum from its competitors. This creative approach was a key element in our audio advertising efforts to set the brand apart.

4. Recognisable strapline

In Burning Barn Rum's inaugural foray into creative audio advertising campaigns, we underscored their 'craft' credentials with the memorable tagline: 'Put Some Craft into Christmas.' We added a playful twist with 'Give Yourself a Pat on the Back, Not a Parrot on the Shoulder,' bringing charm and uniqueness to the campaign, which was a testament to our expertise in branding, creative execution, and marketing communications.

Gaining traction

By incorporating audio advertising into our marketing mix, we were able to tap into a unique advertising channel that is gaining traction in the digital space. The potential of digital audio advertising knows no bounds, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this emerging trend. Embracing the advantages of audio ads, we have successfully expanded our reach and connected with our target audience in a more compelling and immersive way.

Incorporating digital audio and audio advertising has been a game-changer for our marketing strategy. It has allowed us to break free from the limitations of traditional advertising platforms and captivate our audience's attention. The synergy between our brand campaign and the digital audio channel has yielded impressive results, solidifying the importance of audio ads in our overall marketing strategy.


The digital audio advertising campaigns we launched produced outstanding results, with a remarkable 95.98% audio completion rate, eclipsing the industry average of 91.7% for 16-30 second ads across the StackAdapt network. This success underscored the efficacy of our digital audio advertising campaigns with an impressive reach.

This digital audio advertising medium allowed us to pierce through the holiday clamor to increase awareness. The types of audio include Spotify audio ads, podcast advertising, as well as the other publishers across the programmatic advertising StackAdapt network.


In conclusion, by venturing into the realm of digital audio advertising, we have revolutionized our marketing approach, leveraging the power of audio ads to engage our audience effectively. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, audio advertising will undoubtedly play a central role in capturing attention and generating impactful brand experiences. It is an exciting time for audio advertising, and we are proud to be pioneers in this rapidly growing field.

  • Created a captivating story with dramatic intimacy to enhance the user experience and reach audiences
  • Tailored the audio ads to resonate with the creative industries and a wider target audience
  • Injected humour to distinguish Burning Barn Rum from its competitors
  • Used a memorable tagline to underscore the brand's "craft" credentials
  • Increased brand safety with ads being served across the StackAdapt network
  • Achieved outstanding results with a 95.98% audio completion rate, surpassing industry averages.
95.98% Audio completion rate
183,653 Impressions
50,007 Unique impressions
£14.70 eCPM

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