Bringing creative concepts to life

The challenge

We’ve been working with defect reporting app SmartCheck since December 2022. Using strategic PPC campaigns to raise their brand awareness and build their new-business pipeline, we’ve generated over 110 conversions.

With additional budget to spend on marketing, they decided it was time to expand their reach and strengthen their pipeline further. The question was: how to achieve that?

Using over six months’ worth of audience demographics, data and insights collected during our PPC campaigns, we were able to understand who the audience are to pick the foremost option for targeting them further. Aiming to reach 34-45-year-old male managers and fleet maintenance workers, we pinpointed paid social campaigns on Meta and LinkedIn as our strategy of choice.

Turning instinct into action

First things first: our paid social campaigns needed attention-grabbing, problem-solving concepts driven by customer-centric copy. Implementing Dan Nelken’s ‘Bucket’ technique, our copywriters pulled together the benefits, attributes, insights, and truths of SmartCheck’s offering.

Designed to tap into the target audience’s preferences, using appropriate cultural references and work-related situations, we focused on building on three concepts:

  1. Paper? Not smart. Paperless? SmartCheck
  2. Paperwork? Where we’re going, we don’t need paperwork.
  3. Our easy-to-use app lets your driver’s complete vehicle checks quickly and efficiently.

With both brand awareness and reach as major KPI’s for this paid social project, our graphic designers aimed to strike a balance between the creatives. From adapting iconic movie posters to match our humorous, problem-solving takes on famous taglines to situational imagery, placing the user in the situation, we bought the concepts to life.

Providing SmartCheck with three creative options in varying styles, we provided the same headline, primary text, and description. This has allowed them to run A/B testing to discover which types of creative best resonate with their audience to inform future campaign messaging.

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