Ageing with Pride.


The Ageing with Pride campaign was launched by Birmingham LGBT in a bid to tackle the stigma around ageing within the LGBT community.

Turning instinct into action

We identified three core messages to sit under this campaign which focused on embracing ageing, bringing generations together and acknowledging the journey the community had taken to reach their position in society today, forming the following campaign strands:

Keep Your Rainbow – Getting older shouldn’t mean fading away. Keep your rainbow and age with pride.

Bridge the Gap – Over 50 isn’t ‘over the hill’. Find out why by bridging the gap between youth and experience.

Continue the Journey – They fought for our equality. Don’t let them drift into the background. Celebrate our over 50’s and continue what they started.

The creative centred on bringing this messaging to life in an engaging, authentic and meaningful way.

We called on members of the Birmingham LGBT community to feature in the campaign, acknowledging the importance of the creative showcasing a diverse genuine representation of the community in order for the campaign to gain cut-through. The scenarios show our models in warm social environments, positively interacting with their peers to create visuals that reflected the overarching campaign sentiment of ageing with pride.

The campaign rolled out over a 12 month period, featuring on outdoor media, press ads and social media in combination with outreach work delivered by the Birmingham LGBT team.

Stop, collaborate and list 'em

Photography from the wonderful Marta Kochanek – featuring her equally as wonderful wife, Barbara.

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