Changing the culinary face of Leicester.


When a renowned chef decided to open his first outside-of-London restaurant in Leicester, we were thrilled to be asked to create the branding and launch campaign.

Cyrus Todiwala was born and brought up in Bombay. He was first inspired to become a chef by his mother’s unforgettable cooking which has led to now over 42 years working with food. From India to Australia and the UK and running four restaurants in London, Cyrus has achieved many things, including transforming Café Spice Namaste restaurant into a world-renowned culinary institution.

The challenge for creative comms was that the restaurant's multi-room interior was under construction, the menu hadn't yet been created and the chef's name was embargoed.

Turning instinct into action

Working closely with the interior designers and Cyrus himself we created the visual identity, key messaging, positioning and name for the restaurant. India is a melting pot of influences and to express this rich heritage, each room of the venue is uniquely themed with its own story to tell.

Being remembered is all about being different – the Von Restorff effect shows that. So for the teaser campaign we set about capturing the imagination of the local audience.

There is art to both great cookery and beautiful interior design so with this in mind we expressed the Tandem experience through our own art. We translated each uniquely themed room into a simple scene around which coloured bursts flaunt and fuse together.

The set of images was used on the website and social media channels to capture the imagination and create excitement of what was to come.

"Big Cat has been brilliant throughout, seldom have I seen such good work by any agency"

Cyrus Todiwala, OBE


5k Pre-launch registrations

via website

450 VIP & Preview


£145k PR Coverage
100% Booked for 'Dine with Cyrus'

4 events sold out in under an hour

100% Booked at weekends

For 6 weeks after launch

Stop, collaborate and list 'em

The inky imagery was co-created with the artistic types, Plume Art Collective.

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