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Following the success of the animation campaign which was executed as part of the September 2017 Freshers activity, Umbrella briefed us to plan and manage a campaign targeted to active daters aged 40 and over, which centered a on specially commissioned animation video.


Umbrella Health is an NHS sexual health initiative from University Hospitals Birmingham. They are are committed to providing free and confidential sexual health care across Birmingham and Solihull via specialist clinics, pharmacies and online.


Big Cat was briefed to plan and manage a multi-channel media buying campaign to promote an animation which Umbrella had commissioned especially for this campaign. The campaign was to target males and females aged 40 and over, who were actively dating. The key messaging centred on the importance of testing for STIs, and always practicing safe sex, regardless of age.

The overall campaign objectives were:

  • Increase STI testing kit requests & returns
  • Raise awareness of the Umbrella Health brand
  • Drive traffic to
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As with past Umbrella projects, we planned a digital-heavy channel plan which allowed us to not only measure the performance of paid advertising, but also directly reach the target audience on channels they use continuously throughout their everyday lives.

Furthermore, we wanted to ensure we could showcase the animation video in its entirety as much as possible, and looked to platforms that would allow this. We executed activity across YouTube and Facebook, together with a geo-targeted PPC campaign to reach those actively searching for relevant search terms.

We also partnered with popular media platform, Birmingham Updates as one of their key audience groups closely aligned to that of this campaign.

Birmingham Updates posted a series of content featuring the animation video across their social platforms guaranteeing increased exposure of the Umbrella brand and the campaign messaging.

The campaign ran for a three-week period in the run up to Christmas to target those out and about at festive events, with the Christmas theme continued throughout content shared on social media, e.g. ‘On the first date of Christmas…’.  Whilst the animation added a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek tone to the campaign, the messaging relayed the important messaging to a key audience group which had been identified as being ‘high-risk’ by NHS research.


Across the campaigns we delivered, the following results were achieved:

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads and boosted posts attracted over 40,884 post engagements (inclusive of clicks, likes and shares) with over 324,128 impressions, achieving a CTR of 2.4% (sitting above the industry benchmark of 0.9%)
  • Over 17,600 views as a result of the YouTube pre-roll ad campaign
  • The Google AdWords PPC campaigns received a total of 13,970 impressions and 1,264 clicks, achieving an average CTR of 9.73%.
  • The Birmingham Updates posts received 16,405 video views and a total of 908 clicks

These results directly contributed to the Umbrella Health website receiving a 15.91% increase in sessions, with a 24.55% increase in organic sessions specifically during the campaign period when compared year on year.

Furthermore, Umbrella saw increased levels of STI testing kit requests & returns amongst the target audience group as well as a more general increase in service usage at their Umbrella pharmacies and clinics.

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