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Big Cat was briefed to plan and execute our third HIV Awareness campaign for Umbrella to coincide with National HIV Testing Week and World Aids Day in November 2017.


Umbrella Health is an NHS sexual health initiative from University Hospitals Birmingham. They are committed to providing free and confidential sexual healthcare across Birmingham and Solihull via specialist clinics, pharmacies and online.


Big Cat was tasked with planning and managing a multi-channel media buying campaign to coincide with National HIV Testing Week and World Aids Day in November/December 2017.

The overall campaign objectives were:

  • Increase early diagnoses rates for HIV
  • Increase STI testing kit requests & returns
  • Raise awareness of the Umbrella Health brand

Throughout the year, Umbrella had conducted extensive research and analysis of HIV diagnosis and treatment information, enabling them to highlight key priority audience groups for campaign messaging to reach.

The campaign ran for a two week period, and was targeted to 16-55 year olds located in Birmingham and Solihull, with specific messaging targeted to specific target audience groups. The objectives of the campaigns were:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of HIV early diagnosis & testing
  • Raise awareness of the Umbrella Health brand in Birmingham and Solihull
  • Drive traffic to
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The channel plan for this campaign was very much informed by the target audiences and learnings from previous campaigns. Having considered these factors, we employed a digital-heavy channel plan, employing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Google AdWords to showcase and promote the campaign messaging, in addition to radio campaigns across stations specifically targeted to our priority audience groups.

The key messaging highlighted the importance of HIV testing and early diagnoses, promoting the free STI kits available via Umbrella. We boosted a variety of content via Facebook, as well as running ads across Facebook & Instagram set-up to reach each specific audience group with relevant messaging designed make as much impact as possible.

As well as campaigns on Heart and Smooth Radio, ads on smaller community-focused stations were also executed, with messaging tailored with cultural sensitivities in mind.

By using a digital-heavy channel plan across the HIV Awareness campaign, we were able to reach  target audience groups on platforms they use consistently throughout their day for a non-invasive approach, together with a Google AdWords campaign which served ads to those actively searching for terms such as ‘how to test for HIV’.


Across the campaigns we delivered, the following results were achieved:

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads and boosted posts attracted over 8,869 post engagements (inclusive of clicks, likes and shares) with over 342,789 impressions.
  • Over 3,700 ‘swipe ups’ via Snapchat through to the HIV landing page on Umbrella’s website
  • GoogleAdWords PPC campaigns received a total of 12,531 impressions and 1,226 clicks, achieving an average CTR of 9.93%.

This culminated in the Umbrella Health website receiving increased levels of traffic during the campaigns, with an overall increase in the number of visitors as we boost awareness more generally. As a result of these campaigns, Umbrella Health saw an increase in STI request and return rates and an increase in service usage at their Umbrella pharmacies and clinics.

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