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Continuing our successful partnership, Big Cat were briefed to plan and manage a two week long campaign targeting university students in Birmingham to raise sexual health awareness.


Umbrella Health are committed to providing free and confidential sexual health care across Birmingham and Solihull.


Big Cat was appointed to run a digital campaign targeting  18 – 24 year old male and female students within Birmingham and those within that age range who had the following universities listed as an ‘interest’ or ‘place of education’ on Facebook profiles:

  • University of Birmingham
  • Birmingham City University
  • Aston University
  • University College Birmingham

The key objectives of the 2-week campaign were to direct students to the Umbrella Health where they could order STI sampling kits and to also raise awareness of the risks of chlamydia.

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Big Cat employed a blend of digital channels including: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, along with a Google AdWords PPC campaign.

As well as Facebook ads, a range of posts were selected to allocate advertising expenditure to. These posts featured messaging around certain aspects of the Umbrella Health services, e.g. Fresher’s specific, free condoms, STI kits, general Umbrella and emergency contraception to ensure all of the key messages received exposure to the target audience throughout the campaign. The PPC campaign featured ads promoting Umbrella Health and its services, along with ads which were triggered when keywords were searched, driving traffic through to relevant pages on the Umbrella Health website.


Through the multi-channel campaign, the following results were achieved:

  • Facebook boosted posts received a total of 715 post engagements (post engagements include clicks, likes and shares) with a reach of 67,515
  • Twitter boosted posts received a total of 185,528 impressions which including 1,420 link clicks
  • Facebook and Instagram posts received 2,363 clicks with a reach of 55,917


This culminated in the Umbrella Health website earning a 20.84% increase in sessions (18,789 to 22,705) and 24.82% increase in visitors.

In addition to the increase of traffic on the website, the total amount of STI kits issued for September was 2,176 – over half of which were issued during the campaign.


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