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The White Swan, Shawell

Big Cat were tasked with giving the White Swan brand a revamp across all of their design touch points, update their website and take over their email communication. The White Swan wanted to increase their social media following and create an impactful social campaign that would align with their tone of voice and key messaging. Similarly, we created bi-monthly PR initiatives to increase exposure of The White Swan in local press as well as encouraging footfall and bookings during these initiatives.



The White Swan are a Michelin accredited pub based in rural Leicestershire providing affordable, luxury dining for a wide range of demographics.




Big Cat were tasked with giving The White Swan the refresh that it needed. With a negative reputation from pervious ownership shadowing their chances of success, we needed to convince the local community and further afield that this pub still had its country charm and a tantalising menu like no other.


The White Swan wanted to raise awareness of their luxury, indulgent menu whilst emitting a friendly and inclusive vibe that would entice diners from around the country to come and visit.
The key objectives were:

  • To improve brand reputation
  • To encourage diners to travel to the White Swan for a luxury meal and dining experience
  • To increase the number of lunch time diners
  • To increase social media followers by 5%

To increase website traffic by attracting 1,000 new users



Phase 1

Tackling the brief from an integrated outlook, we first began by finessing the brand. We wanted to ensure that that the brand reflected a distinct identity, showcasing quaint, curated quality and refined country charm. The refreshed identity was then rolled out across all touchpoints including menus, external signage and promotional collateral.

Once we had the refreshed look and feel compete, we implemented a press office rollout with the intention of building stronger relationships with media stakeholders. In addition, we delivered an influencer program inviting key bloggers to a taster session.

It was important that we amplified our message across social media channels so we developed a heavy content push where we connected with consumers and enticed them to explore the offering at The White Swan. The food was front and centre of the content drive so we commissioned a photoshoot to capture compelling imagery which would encourage people to engage and share the social posts. In addition, we delivered a heavy drive to ‘Wine & Dine Wednesdays’ which invited diners to enjoy a 3 course dinner with expertly matched wine.

Phase 2

We started to build stronger relationships with our target audience to drive the lunchtime trade. In order to do this, we undertook some research identifying that 86% of corporate workers don’t go outside during their lunch break, highlighting the rising trend of ‘Al-desko dining’. We organised two lunches for both corporate workers in the area and for local business related press to try out the White Swan’s new Express Menu. We then created a loyalty program, where we designed lunchtime loyalty cards which encouraged people to repeatedly come back for lunch and be rewarded for doing so.

A second initiative we undertook to encourage lunchtime diners was focusing on active retirees. This was a fantastic opportunity to engage with this target group and we took advantage of it through several means. We achieved coverage in age relevant, local publications as well as offering money off the lunch menu when retirees could prove they had undertaken an activity earlier in the day, such as walking or cycling.



  • Gained coverage in 17 publications with an overall reach of 246,633
  • Increased Facebook fans by 15.93% gaining overall impressions of 261,654 within this period
  • Increased Instagram followers by 129 people
  • The Facebook & Instagram ad received 86,941 impressions and 1,550 regional link clicks
  • 270 new sign ups to the White Swan newsletter
  • Increased in the email database from 2,462 active subscribers to 2,658 active subscribers
  • Attracted 9,442 new users to their website

Throughout the campaign period, the White Swan said that we had had a hugely positive impact on the business and saw a large increase in bookings, most notably:

  • A big increase in their lunchtime bookings
  • A steep increase in mid-week evening bookings, primarily their Wednesday events which are now their busiest night of the week
  • A large increase in social engagement and followers
  • Significantly more visits to websites
  • Increase in newsletter sign ups

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