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FarGo Village

FarGo Village briefed Big Cat to plan and manage the marketing and events for its upcoming independent creative arts hub.




  • Develop a visual identity for the launch of FarGo Village, the new hub for independent retail, arts and culture in Coventry, offering a thriving mix of on-site attractions ranging from independent shops, cafes, markets, craft fairs to workshops, performances and entertainment
  • Base the launch identity on the existing approved logo and ensure it communicates the urban, creative and eclectic nature of FarGo Village, whilst remaining visually impactful and clearly decipherable to audiences
  • Promote the new development at a wide variety of launch events, sponsored or attended by FarGo Village, establishing a consistent look and feel across all touch points with the objective of raising awareness of what FarGo Village is and the launch date
  • Continue to increase awareness during and post-launch


Event delivered by The Fair.

  • Based on research into the local community, FarGo’s audience segments were identified to inform the campaign’s targeted messages
  • A campaign plan was developed, covering pre-launch, launch and post-launch, targeting both the consumer audience (to increase awareness and drive footfall to FarGo Village) and the trade audience (to promote tenancy and event opportunities at FarGo Village)
  • Developed a selection of visual identity options, which were then progressed to a final key visual. The final key visual was then adapted to 3x sub-brands to cover all of FarGo Village’s offerings: ‘Inspire’ (workshops, craft fairs etc), ‘Live’ (live music events) and ‘Family’ (inclusive events for all age groups)
  • A suite of marketing collateral has been produced for FarGo’s launch events, presenting the audiences with a consistent look and feel at all touch points and raising awareness of the launch, in addition to creating a more visually impactful presence for FarGo Village at these events



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