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Continuing our successful two-year partnership with Umbrella, we were briefed to plan and execute Umbrella’s second Freshers Week campaign, raising awareness around the importance of chlamydia testing to students across Solihull & Birmingham.


Umbrella Health is committed to providing free and confidential sexual health care across Birmingham and Solihull, through clinics and Pharmacy services.


Big Cat was tasked with planning and managing a multi-channel campaign to coincide with freshers’ activity for colleges and universities across Birmingham and Solihull.

The main objectives of the campaign were:

  • To raise awareness of Umbrella
  • To direct students to the website to order STI sampling kits
  • To raise awareness of the risks of chlamydia

We proposed a variety of channels to help boost sexual health awareness amongst both college and university students, whilst offering Umbrella’s services as a source of protection and advice.

Furthermore, Umbrella commissioned a series of two animations which were centered around the theme of ‘You wouldn’t take it out with you, so don’t bring it back’ in relation to chlamydia. The animations – one male-focused and the other female-focused, featured voiceovers who dropped in chlamydia symptoms to an otherwise general conversation about what to take on a night out. As part of our campaign planning, we planned activity to specifically promote these animations to maximise their potential for engagement and exposure

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During the campaign, students at universities and colleges across Birmingham and Solihull were targeted, with activity running consistently from Monday 4 September to Monday 25 September, so as to capitalise on high levels of social activity amongst our target audiences during the Fresher’s period for both colleges and universities.

To reach the target audience for the campaign we used a range of social media platforms, reaching our target audience on channels on which they regularly use throughout their day. In channels, we employed Facebook & Instagram Ads, Facebook Boosted Posts and Twitter Boosted Posts.  In addition to these platform, we also ran ads on Snapchat, with specific ads adapted from the gender-specific animations attracting over 12,400 ‘swipe-ups’ (clicks to the website).

To further maximise the potential reach of the animation, we utilised 15-second cuts of each animation to run YouTube pre-roll ads, targeting our audience by age, location, gender and interests.

We also partnered with popular media platform, Birmingham Updates, to deliver a live Q&A with two Umbrella Health service specialists. The service specialists ran through a serious of frequently asked questions, explaining Umbrella services in more detail, in addition to answering questions and queries as and when they came through from users viewing the live stream. The video received a really positive reaction, resulting in high levels of engagements, and can be viewed here.

In addition to the live Q&A, Birmingham Updates also published a series of posts promoting Umbrella Health services and the animation videos via their Facebook page, which not only boosted brand awareness, but also attracted users who tagged friends/family members in posts, further expanding the reach of campaign messaging.


The campaign achieved the following results:

  • The Google AdWords PPC campaign received 18,154 impressions and 2,232 clicks, achieving a CTR of 12.29%
  • Facebook and Instagram ads received a total of 172,131 with 1,183 clicks to the Umbrella website
  • Facebook boosted posts achieved a reach of 151,589 with 14,314 post engagements, inclusive of 12,538 video views
  • Twitter boosted posts received a total of 45,143 impressions and 265 clicks
  • YouTube Ads received a total of 130,888 impressions with 27,238 views
  • Snapchat Ads attracted 337,660 impressions with 12,400 swipe ups through to the Umbrella website
  • The Birmingham Updates posts received 68,601 video views and a total of 220 clicks

These results directly contributed to the Umbrella Health website receiving a 20.84% increase in sessions (18,789 to 22,705) and a 24.82% increase in visitors to the Umbrella Health website. Furthermore, Umbrella saw increased levels of STI testing kit requests and returns.


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