Digital Marketing

Whatever your type of business, the first place most customers search for your product or service is online. Our digital experts will make sure there’s always something to find when they go there. From search marketing and pay per click advertising that gets you onto that first page of search results, to integrated campaigns utilising digital banner advertising, video and social media, Big Cat can deliver a digital strategy that gives you real online presence.


Be seen by the people who are searching in your field of expertise.

If you’re not on the first page of search results, you may as well be nowhere at all. And getting there takes more than just luck.

Our SEO experts will identify the keywords and terms necessary to boost your search rankings, and our web copywriters will weave them into engaging and compelling copy. So your website will be optimised to work as hard as it can to get you noticed.


Strategies to get you to the top of the search results.

Pay per click is the quickest way to get your brand to the top search results. But doing it efficiently as well as effectively is still something of a skill.

As experts in search, we can help you define keywords, write effective adverts, and create a PPC strategy that will deliver impressive results – and an even more impressive ROI.

Website Design + Build

Ensure your online presence is a true reflection of your brand.

Your website is the window through which most of the world first sees and interacts with your brand. And those first impressions matter.

We design beautiful and responsive websites that not only perform perfectly on all platforms, but that also grab attention – and then hold onto it long enough to convert your visitors into customers.

Content Marketing

Advertising that doesn’t look like advertising.

Nobody likes being sold to. So sometimes the best way to reach new customers may not be with traditional marketing at all.

Our content marketing experts can help you to create and share valuable content – such as video, blogs and articles – that’s designed to inspire, educate or simply entertain your audience. Giving them something they need allows you to build much stronger connections than traditional marketing ever could.

Social Media Marketing

Connect to the communities that are important to you.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the numerous other social media channels give you the opportunity to talk with your customers, rather than just at them. However your place on these social platforms needs to be earned.

We’ll help your business to spark insightful conversations and create and post captivating, shareable content that will engage your customers and help you become an important part of the online communities that matter most.

Direct Marketing

Send your messages straight to your audience’s inbox.

Targeting your communications to those consumers you know are interested in what you have to offer is an efficient use of your marketing budget.

Our digital direct marketing experts can deliver your messages straight to your audience’s inbox, mobile phone or web browser through email campaigns, SMS marketing and re-targeted online advertising.

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