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There is an explosion of information which everyone is contributing to, so it’s harder than ever to get your brand story heard. At Big Cat PR we’re storytellers. And through a combination of content development, media outreach strategies and media relations, we can get your stories out there to the people who matter most – your customers and key stakeholders. Our public relations services are a combination of experience, talent and well connected minds.

The Big Cat Approach

Our PR Services

At Big Cat we have bolstered the traditional PR agency services to offer so much more than just press coverage and column inches.


It’s about creativity, getting people talking, building loyalty through your reputation and motivating action.


Media Relations

Having an interesting story is only half the battle. The other half is placing it. For over 16 years we’ve developed a number of important and valuable relationships with journalists and influencers all across the media landscape – corporate through to consumer.

We know what they’re looking for in a story, and we know how to align your stories with what else is happening in the world, so no opportunity for PR ever goes to waste.

Content Creation

At Big Cat we are content creators. From blogs and thought leadership articles to videos, podcasts and infographics.  Our team boasts a mix of media relations professionals, creatives and marketers who are constantly researching, monitoring the news agenda and identifying what’s going on via social media, so we fully understand what your audiences want, desire and need.

Our in-depth research ensures that the content we create is going to spark interest, generate leads and convert sales. While our creative thinkers are hard at work, our digital team are ensuring that all your content is optimised for SEO to boost search ranking and to get your website working as hard as possible.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers can be the link between your brand and market awareness. At Big Cat we implement influencer marketing programmes which connect you to the right people to craft authentic stories on your behalf.

With an ever-growing network, we make sure you only ever work with the most suited influencers for your brand – whether it be bloggers, vloggers or social influencers.

Communications Strategy

Just because you’re ready to say something doesn’t mean your audience are ready to listen. Catching them at the right time and in the right frame of mind is key to getting your message across. We’ll help you plan achievable communications strategies that keep you in touch with your audience and key stakeholders over time, and over different channels, so you have the very best chance of inspiring them and keeping them engaged.

We will also consider your reputational vulnerabilities and provide strategic communications counsel for a wide variety of issues and crisis comms to help build, protect and enhance your brand.

Event & Launch Management

PR and events regularly go hand in hand. Whether you’re promoting a new venue or launching a new product or service, it’s an exciting time for any business and at Big Cat, we know how to make that just as exciting for your audience too, creating the buzz that it deserves. We will take the entire event planning and management off your hands combining our creativity with our integrated approach to ensure no stone is left unturned.

From choosing the venue, talent sourcing, getting the right people to attend and ensuring the media are talking about it. Our event management provides an end to end solution with measurable results.

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So whether it’s an awareness campaign, behavioural change project or the roll out of a communications strategy, our team of professionals, handpicked from a variety of backgrounds and experience, will be able to support you to get the right messages to the right people by capturing what’s at the heart of good communications.

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